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As Baby Boomers are moving from midlife into elder-hood, it requires looking at our lives from a different vantage point. This life course transition requires that we explore the spiritual meaning of aging and how we can make our elder years a time of growth rather than a time of decline.

This generation may also be facing issues of elder parent caregiving or coordinating of elder care.

Dr. Lyndall Hare, Gerontologist and Midlife & Aging Specialist brings her expertise to The Respite by providing classes, workshops, support groups, as well as one-on-one coaching.

A list of our current offerings in this area are listed below. If you are interested in an individual or family session with Dr. Hare please email her at Lyndall [at] TheRespite [dot] org

In addition to workshops at our location, The Respite now offers a workshop for Caregivers that can come to your facility. Click here to find out more about this wonderful opportunity.

Wisdom Circle of Sage-ing

Death Cafe

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