A Women's Resource for Loss & Hope

Support Groups and Therapy Groups will be offered for a variety of losses. Please see below for current groups. If there isn’t a group that fits your need please Contact Us so that we can consider adding it to our offerings.

widows support groups charlotte nc

Soul Widows Support Group

Last Monday of every month
7pm – 8:30pm

3rd Thursday of every month
11am – 12:30pm

This support group is for young widows, age 60 and younger, who have experienced the loss of their spouse or significant other. We provide an intimate space for a group of women to share their grief through speaking and listening to each other’s stories. The meetings allow each widow the chance to be heard, and to feel supported in a safe and supportive environment.Facilitated by Elizabeth (Woods) Berrien.

While there is no charge for our Support Groups we do gratefully accept love offerings.

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